Subscription Box Flavor and Survey (January & December) – Mostly Chocolate

Subscription Box Flavor and Survey (January & December)


Black & Pink - Pecan Crunch
House made pecan gianduja folded with crunchy pecan praline crumbles.

Truffles with Rose Petals
Dark chocolate truffles infused with rose water. Pairs extremely well with a Napa Cab for all you winos!

Confection item - Peanut Butter & Jelly Pretzel Balls
Pretzel balls coated in a house made peanut butter chocolate topped with a layer of strawberry infused chocolate.


Peppermint Truffle
We did something a little different this time! We made a peppermint truffle three different ways and we want y’all to be the judge and which ones is best. The variations are: white chocolate filling with a white chocolate shell, milk chocolate filling with a white chocolate shell & milk chocolate filling with a milk chocolate shell.

Early Gray Tea Bonbon
Yes, we have done earl grey before but not like this. We decided to do a caramelized dark chocolate version. The subtle caramel notes really compliments the smokey/bitter notes that earl gray tea can have. The caramelization also makes the filling more airy and light. In my opinion it’s a fantastic take on the classic chocolate flavor.

Confection: Popcorn
Popcorn - as many of you may know by now, we acquired another chocolate company called Chocolate Pizazz this year. We are always trying to innovate or tweak things for the better. This is a version of the famous chocolate popcorn but we switched out m&m’s for Reeces Pieces. I can see us doing this seasonly, maybe for thanksgiving next year because of the colors.