Subscription Box Flavor and Survey (June & May) – Mostly Chocolate

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Subscription Box Flavor and Survey (June & May)


House Praline - Pride Colors 
Housemade salted caramel ganache layered with a housemade praline blend.
Pistachio Praline -  Green & Purple
Housemade 70% pistachio praline and milk chocolate.

Confectionary Item - Soft Vanilla Caramels 


Halva - Truffle
Halva is a traditional middle eastern dessert made using sesame seed (tahini paste) Salty, sweet, and slightly bitter profile. We made a gianduja milk chocolate, with a tahini paste and a touch of Tahitian vanilla beans. We then enrobed the filling in dark chocolate and topped it with caramelized sesame seeds. 
Croissant - Brown 
Housemade gianduja using croissants and almonds. We then folded in extra toasted ground up croissants for a crunch.

Confectionary Item - Calamansi Meringue Pie
Our take on a lemon meringue pie. Calamansi is a citrus hybrid fruit from the Philippines. With notes of lemon lime and mandarin. This is a three tiered filling, housemade meringue sits on top of a calamansi ganache with a graham cracker crust.