Salads – Mostly Chocolate

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Kale Salad - $40
Shaved kale and Brussel sprouts, cranberries, currants, topped with roasted almonds, fresh pomegranate seeds, and citrus vinaigrette
+ feta cheese - $6

Caesar Salad - $40
Caesar salad, served with house-made croutons, imported white anchovies, drizzled with Caesar dressing

Ksir (Turkish) Salad - Quart: $32
Spicy Bulgur salad with chopped tomatoes, parsley, green onions, and pomegranate molasses

Spicy Asian Tuna Salad - Quart: $28
Albacore white tuna, cranberries, green onions, shredded carrots, Harissa, ginger & cilantro

Egg Salad - Quart: $24
Chopped eggs, green onions, chives, & house made mayo

Curry Chicken Salad - Quart: $28
Chopped roasted chicken breast, celery, & our famous house made curry mayo dressing