Entrees – Mostly Chocolate



Couscous - $60
With roasted Butternut squash, roasted in season vegetables, crispy caramelized onions and Garbanzo beans

Grilled Salmon (With skin) - $65
6oz portion per person

Beef Kefta Skewers (8) - $65
Lebanese ground beef kebabs. Served with fresh pita.

Thai Chicken Curry - $65
With fresh in-season bamboo, broccoli and carrots. Served with Jasmine Rice

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers (8) - $65
Grilled boneless chicken breast with colored peppers and drizzled with a lemon olive oil reduction, served with fresh pita

Chicken piccata (4 breast) - $65
Chicken scallopini in a white wine citrus reduction, capers and fresh parsley

Linguine with Classic Beef Bolognese - $65
Served with parmigiano reggiano on the side

Baby Lamb Chops - $85
Grilled baby Lamb Chops, served with a persillade relish.
1 rack- 8 single chops.