Corporate and Custom Orders FAQ – Mostly Chocolate

Corporate and Custom Orders FAQ

Mostly Chocolate wants to ensure a seamless ordering process for corporate orders. Please review this sheet for any questions regarding the process.

If you have any further questions, please call us at (713) 784-5994 or shoot us an email at

Can orders be customized?

Yes, and we encourage it! Customizing an order adds that final touch to your gifting process! We offer a variety of customization options ranging from personalized notes to custom packaging. 

What customization options are available?

We have a variety of customization options! You can choose to do just one customization or multiple.

Customization options:

  • Personalized Note
    • Include a personalized message in each box
    • No minimum
    • Lead time: 3 days
  • Flavor Menu with Logo
    • Each box comes with a flavor menu included, so why not customize it?
    • Customize your menu with your logo, slogan, or generic message
    • Include only chocolates on your menu that are specific to your box
    • Minimum: 25
    • Lead time: 1 week
    • Our boxes are enclosed with a sleeve, so why not customize it?!
    • Customize your sleeve with your logo, slogan, generic message, or design
    • Minimum: 25
    • Lead time: 2 weeks

How do I order a customized box?

The customization process is easy! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose a box size!
  2. Check what types of customization options you would like (you can choose more than one!)
  3. Indicate which flavors of chocolate you wish to have in your boxes, or if you would like any custom flavors, we can send an extended list of flavor options.
  4. Give us your delivery deadline
  5. Verify your quantity. 
  6. Choose between in-store pickup, one shipping destination, or multiple shipping destinations
  7. Place your order with us via email at!

We will be reaching out to you within 1 business day to discuss your customization options. During this process, you can give us copy for your personalized note, send us your logo (.eps preferred), and/or give us any other items needed for your order.

Once all designs are finalized, and we receive a quote from our local printer, we will invoice you for additional customization. Then your gifts will begin production!

What are my shipping options?

We have 3 shipping options to choose from:

  • In-store pick up
    • Available for local Houston orders ONLY
    • If this option is selected, the orderer is responsible for pick up
  • Multiple destinations
    • Multiple packages going to multiple destinations
    • Download our shipping list template
    • Upon order completion, email your shipping list to us at
    • The orderer is responsible for all shipping costs and will be invoiced prior to shipment
    • The invoice must be paid in order for shipping to proceed
  • Single destination 
    • Two-Day or Next-Day Air to a single destination